YOW! Conference Melbourne 2015

Kristianto, a developer from our Melbourne office, recently participated in the YOW! Conference. A series of conferences and workshops by developers for developers.

Each year YOW! invites close to 50 world class speakers to share their insights and knowledge. Kristianto attended the following talks during the conference:

  • Pragmatic Microservices
  • Deploying and Scaling Microservices
  • Microservices – Building Software that is Never Done
  • Delivery Mapping
  • Facebook’s Product Infrastructure
  • DevOps @ Wotif: Making Easy = Right
  • Designing for Failure: Scaling Uber’s Backend by Breaking Everything

Kristianto’s main take away from the conference was about Micro-services. He found that it covered a substantial portion of the talks. Microservices are effectively an architecture where a system or application is divided into very small, highly decoupled, independent services. It was emphasised in the talks that Microservices aren’t for everyone and that most organisations won’t need Microservices. That said, however it might be time to consider Microservices if:

  • The product / system is overly complex and takes up a lot of time to learn
  • Velocity during development is paramount
  • Architecture will become unsustainable in the near future

The conference was put together for the benefit of developers, covering a multitude of topics, which are applicable to their day to day work both in product development and consulting. Specifically, topics such as Product Infrastructure, Delivery Mapping, DevOps, and Failure Testing were covered.

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