We are an Australian privately owned and operated company. Our first office opened in Sydney in 1989, with our Melbourne office following in 1991. We nurture a working environment that is innovative, curious, human-centred and agile.

We believe co-location is key to effective communication and informed decision making. We can place our people in your office or make space in our office for you to work alongside us so we can deliver together.

We believe our key strength is our team, and we have over 150 experienced professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills. We support one another as individuals, in teams, and through our core Practices.

Our Practices are central to our continuous improvement strategy and actively evaluate and investigate new and emerging technologies, tools, frameworks and processes while providing a safe place for us to share our personal and project learnings.




Our ability to architect, design and build robust, scalable, secure, enterprise-class technology solutions is brought about by our engineering grounded culture and supported by proven project governance processes.

Combined with our skills in creative design, user experience, multi-device technologies, social media and content development, we are in the best position to help you transform into a truly digital enterprise.

"We focus on solving business problems, not just providing technology solutions."

− Cameron Donaldson, Head of Delivery

"Many other organisations say what we do ... "we partner, we're trustworthy, we have good people, we collaborate"... but what really differentiates us is that we mean it and we do it. They aren't just empty words"

− Lincoln Cheung, Supervising Consultant

"Every one of us working with you is passionate about your vision and on getting you a working solution, it's what we celebrate."

− Margaret Selianakis, Account Manager, Melbourne

10-20% of the energy most people use is wasted. The biggest step you can take to more sustainable living is to reduce energy use. Our Green Home monitors power consumption in your home or business and provides insight into your energy use in real time.

A holistic view of a patient record translates to better patient care. Infomedix has digitised over 100 million Australian patient documents since the year 2000, ensuring they are accessible anywhere and anytime to clinicians and health professionals.

For over 20 years, Object Training has been providing education services to IT professionals from Australia’s leading enterprises and Government organisations through on-demand, in-house and customised training services.