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Object Consulting and AWS Strategic Partnership

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and services to individuals, companies and governments. Object Consulting provides application development and integration services for AWS platforms. https://aws.amazon.com/


Object Consulting have extensive architectural experience including enterprise architecture, solution architecture, infrastructure architecture, security architecture and software architecture. We have architected and developed many solutions for a variety of customers. In particular, we have a solid understanding and experience with all cloud vendors including AWS. As an AWS partner, we provide the expertise required to design, deploy, migrate and support solutions on AWS.


Application development is core to Object Consulting. We help our customers transform their business by leveraging AWS technologies to build enterprise grade solutions including server, web, mobile, machine learning and IoT solutions. We have developed an untold number of applications for a variety of customers across many sectors. We have developed applications using .NET, Angular, Java, Javascript, Node.js, TypeScript, Python and Lambda. We use Agile processes and tooling in-line with DevOps approaches to deliver outcomes on time and in budget.


DevOps is the combination of people, practices, and tools that increases an organisation’s ability to deliver applications and services quickly. DevOps processes, people and tools help continuously improve products at a faster pace than organisations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organisations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market. The people who build software are the best people to support and continuously improve software through processes and tooling.

Object Consulting uses DevOps best practices including:
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Monitoring & Logging
  • Communication & Collaboration
Platforms and Tools:

Cloud Migration

Moving “On” to AWS cloud? Object can make sure you end up “In” AWS cloud

Object can help you at every step of your cloud journey. Object’s experience in systems integration and enterprise applications gives us a unique perspective into designing & implement solutions using AWS’ next generation technology.  We offer a comprehensive migration service to our clients including migration assessments and rapid migration services, guide organisations new to using AWS (advice, training & strategy), and provide value to existing AWS customers (DevOps, Lambda, ECS).

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