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If you are a talented, passionate person who likes to be challenged, get in touch with us.  We like outspoken people, who think creatively and want to be the best they can be.

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Do you know what it means to be a consultant?

For us it means that we can offer you exposure to a variety of projects, clients and industries, within large complex enterprises or innovative start-ups. You will be able to constantly learn new technologies, tools and methods and gain experience in effective communication, influencing, negotiation and resolving conflict.

We will need you to be motivated by working collaboratively with our clients and consultants, you will rarely work alone. This means we expect that you can communicate at a business level and be able to talk about complex technical matters with non-technical people.

We’re all about our community and your career

Do you want to belong to something bigger than yourself? We do, and we all are more than just specialists in our field. We’re social, we support each other and we get involved in what is happening in the industry through meet-ups, hackathons and by speaking at conferences.

Our Social Nights and Gaming Events provide a reason to just hang out. We have drinks on a Friday and hold an annual “Big Day Out” in Melbourne and Sydney to share ideas and things we’ve learnt from our projects, and to talk about the future.

To ensure you are supported, you will have an Advisor to plan and progress your professional path and ensure that you can take part in internal or external training that you may need to succeed. Our Practices provide a safe environment for sharing, learning and engaging with your peers that not only have similar skills but complementary skills. We partner with various organisations, for anything from health care discounts to financial planning advice, to assist you with more than just your career.

Skills we admire in our consultants, that we can help you learn

  • The ability to inform, influence and guide people in the right direction.
  • Having a disciplined delivery process, but being able to take the best from and work with the processes of others, be it Agile, Lean Start-up or Waterfall.
  • A focus on delivering quality work, through your own review process and peer or stakeholder reviews.
  • Being results driven – ensuring that you are successful delivering on the ideas and tasks that you have suggested or are given in the time available to you.
  • Thinking creatively, and being confident to bring your expertise and ideas to the table so that they can explored, adapted, and even be built.

We offer opportunities for Graduate Developers to join our team.

Send your CV, your portfolio and a cover letter about why you would like to join us.

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"I was wanting a job that would allow me to make use of the Java / SQL skills I enjoyed most at Uni. It turned out better than I had ever expected. If it wasn't for the opportunities given to me by Object, I would not be where I am today."

− Steve Corry, from Graduate Developer to CTO at Enlighten

"It was great when we did our recent Employee Engagement Survey, so many people said they loved working with smart and creative people with similar values. I like to make sure that we hire people who are customer focused and innovative, that enjoy working in a team, and that pride themselves on their quality of work. What better environment could you ask for."

− Heather Kirk, National HR Manager

"I feel like I'm always being given different challenges... it's like an adventure where you are never quite sure what to expect next."

− Andrew Wu, Senior Developer

"I don’t use a check list when we meet for the first time or talk on the phone. We will talk about all of your past experiences and knowledge, so I get a real sense of who you are and what we can offer you."

− Belinda Ikin, Talent Acquisition, Melbourne