5 Steps to Streamlining Government Workflows

5 Steps to Streamlining Government WorkflowsWhat are ways to optimise and ensure your workflows are efficient? In this article, we examine key learnings we have acquired over the years for setting up process workflows in government organisations that are effective and save time and money. Occasionally, commercial software solutions from enterprises are selected by government

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Object becomes AWS Public Sector Partner

Object Consulting Becomes AWS Public Sector Partner   Object Consulting is excited to announce that we are now a Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner. The new partnership will enable us to expand and enhance our solutions to public sector clients. To qualify for the AWS Partner Network (APN), members are required to possess

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The Journey to Digitise Government Services

The Journey to Digitise Government Services Have you ever become frustrated by having to speak to several parties when trying to submit a request to a government agency? Or have you ever applied for a new license only to find out that they still have your old address? One of the many responsibilities of

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4 Innovative Ways To Improve Your Agile Team Culture

4 Innovative Ways To Improve Your Agile Team Culture What makes a team a true Agile team and how does this affect productivity and the success of an organisation?  An Agile team culture in organisations can provide a huge benefit not only to the business but to staff and teams through the use of

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Machine Learning – Is it hard to learn?

Machine Learning - Is it hard to learn?   I was recently at a friend’s place for dinner and they had a Google Home device. Google Home is little squat device with a built-in speaker and microphone that you talk to. I was astounded how well it worked. Just ask to play a song

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New Privacy Laws, Should You Be Concerned?

2018 Privacy Laws in Australia, Should You Be Concerned?   Recent changes to Australian privacy laws mean that it is more important than ever for organisations to understand their obligations and how the laws will impact their employees, customers and business operations. The changes can increase the burden on Australian organisations, and there are

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Top Five B2B Technology Trends in 2018

Top Five B2B Technology Trends 2018 Whether its virtual chatbots or Bitcoin’s Blockchain ledger, there several emerging technology trends in 2018 that are changing the way we work. As we battle to keep up in this changing economy it is more important than ever to consider technology and how to leverage it to make

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Best Practices for Building your Software Product

Three Best Practices for Building your Software Product “If you know how to make software, then you know how to create big things.” Xavier Niel (Businessman, Billionaire Technology Entrepreneur) Software development can be challenging. You have a great vision, but it turns out building it is hard, much harder than you thought. You need

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Cross Platform Mobile Development

Native App Cross Platform Development – Choosing an Approach Mobile development is a highly specialised area. Today, iOS and Android devices share over 90% of the smart-device market. Both arguably offer similar features yet have different development and deployment environments. Apple provides Xcode for developing and deploying iOS apps to iTunes. iOS developers code

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Technology and Workplace Diversity

Technology and Diversity The world and our workplace today have become highly diverse. International research has proven that a diverse workforce combining employees from different backgrounds and experiences drives significant tangible and intangible benefits to businesses. Clear links are shown that when workplaces are truly diverse and inclusive, it results in greater creativity, higher

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