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Save Money

Using 10% – 20% less energy each month can provide significant cost savings to your family or business. Identify your usage in real time and find out ways to save energy and reduce costs.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce the environmental impacts by using less energy with this award winning app. Find and eliminate wasted energy and set up an action plan to optimise your usage.

Track Usage with your Mobile

Our Green Home allows you to track and monitor your energy usage from anywhere. View your current power consumption, in real time, and compare with your friends or family.

Technology for Sustainability

About Our Green Home 

Our Green Home is an online destination embracing energy efficiency and sustainable living. Right now, the biggest step you can take to more sustainable living is to reduce your energy use. This was our initial focus when creating the application. Our Green Home has been successfully used in a national energy efficiency study in residential energy usage in low-income households in Australia – the most comprehensive live study of this kind ever undertaken. To learn more visit

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