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IT Project Delivery

With over two decades of experience in IT project delivery, Object helps clients solve their business challenges by providing highly skilled teams to complete complex projects at high standards.  We believe in an iterative approach to our projects; this encourages the use of our repeatable and disciplined processes to deliver desired outcomes. Our pragmatic approach to project delivery is tailored to suit you, keeping communication clear and organisational overheads to a minimum.

Object has a strong history in delivering agile projects. This has enabled close interaction and collaboration with the customer, ensuring better quality and customer satisfaction. The agile process, including the delivery of working software at the end of iterations, provides customers with a vital feedback loop, critical for the shaping of the future of the software. This approach facilitates the allowance of changing requirements and designs to accommodate developing business needs.

Our Process

With a long history of delivering IT projects at the highest standard, Object use proven methods to run projects with an agile approach that are built to scale.