New Privacy Laws, Should You Be Concerned?

2018 Privacy Laws in Australia, Should You Be Concerned?   Recent changes to Australian privacy laws mean that it is more important than ever for organisations to understand their obligations and how the laws will impact their employees, customers

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Top Five B2B Technology Trends in 2018

Top Five B2B Technology Trends 2018 Whether its virtual chatbots or Bitcoin’s Blockchain ledger, there several emerging technology trends in 2018 that are changing the way we work. As we battle to keep up in this changing economy it

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Best Practices for Building your Software Product

Three Best Practices for Building your Software Product “If you know how to make software, then you know how to create big things.” Xavier Niel (Businessman, Billionaire Technology Entrepreneur) Software development can be challenging. You have a great vision,

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Blockchain, why is it so disruptive?

Blockchain, why is it so disruptive? It seems that everyone is talking about Bitcoin and Blockchain these days, be it on the news, at work or the neighbours down the road. But what is it really and why does

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Cross Platform Mobile Development

Native App Cross Platform Development – Choosing an Approach Mobile development is a highly specialised area. Today, iOS and Android devices share over 90% of the smart-device market. Both arguably offer similar features yet have different development and deployment

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Technology and Workplace Diversity

Technology and Diversity The world and our workplace today have become highly diverse. International research has proven that a diverse workforce combining employees from different backgrounds and experiences drives significant tangible and intangible benefits to businesses. Clear links are

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