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Project Description


We helped the Mary MacKillop Place Museum design their exhibit and create the digital images for two modules: the application running on the Microsoft PixelSense table; and the Museum Configuration Tool to manage the content using an Azure CMS platform in the cloud.
The Microsoft Pixelsense table also connects to a television mounted on the wall enhancing the view in the event that a large group of visitors converge in the gallery. The application allows image manipulation up to 360 degrees displaying historic documents and information, delving into the finest detail of who Mary MacKillop was.

  • Cloud
  • Large Screen / Table


Object consultants worked with a diverse group of business and user stakeholders to trial a small number of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) assessments. It was recognised early that user adoption would be critical to the success of the project and Object spent a substantial amount of time working with these stakeholders on the user experience supported by the application.


Following the official launch, approximately 50% of new birth registrations are now being automatically processed, with no manual intervention required. According to Ben Finn, the Service Delivery Reform Manager for NSW BDM. “We have experienced an improved turnaround time for Birth Registrations by 67%, we have reduced overhead costs and have achieved a successful launch of the new online system. Object has been instrumental in this process by building the online platform that met our requirements which enables us to provide a better service to New South Wales parents.” To find out more, visit:

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