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Project Description


We partnered with the team at the Mary MacKillop Place Museum to design their exhibit and create the digital images for two modules: the application running on the Microsoft PixelSense table; and the Museum Configuration Tool to manage the content using an Azure CMS platform in the cloud. The Microsoft Pixelsense table also connects to a television mounted on the wall enhancing the view in the event that a large group of visitors converge in the gallery. The application allows image manipulation up to 360 degrees displaying historic documents and information, delving into the finest detail of who Mary MacKillop was.


Visitors and students can interact with the technology by placing tagged objects on the surface bringing to life St Mary’s inspiring journey.
The second module we built allowed museum staff use the Configuration Tool to create their own virtual exhibits. The virtual exhibits can be deployed to one or more Microsoft PixelSense tables. We also allowed the collection of information where once the visitor leaves the exhibition space, the collected information can be made accessible. The collected data can be maintained on record and used as a foundation to build future visits by groups. Teachers have the benefit of an additional tool that allows them to measure learning outcomes.

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