Revolutionary MaiaGrazing Platform

Easy to Use

MaiaGrazing enables farmers to make informed and confident data driven decisions for their farming business which allows them to plan for the future.

Available Anywhere/Anytime

Built with a deep understanding of what you require to operate an effective and profitable farm our software has a robust underlying model to link land, stock and rainfall measures with mob movements, providing performance indicators to make informed decisions.

Farm Forecasting

MaiaGrazing learns what an individual farm can do – and then uses this information to forecast future performance based on expected future stocking rates and rainfall scenarios to reduce risk and plan for the future.

Sustainable Agriculture Technology

MaiaGrazing Platform 

Maia Technology provides cloud based decision support services for farmers to help manage farms by enabling the capture, conversion and analysis of operational information. An example is the movement of mobs around the property, recorded simply and quickly on your phone which can be leveraged to produce reports of cumulative paddock yield, property stocking rate, and feed budget to actuals. For more information on MaiaGrazing visit