Workplace Culture

Day in a Life at Object for Senior Consultant Tyron

Day in a life at Object - Tyron Ever wonder what it's like to work at a company? It’s hard to tell what company culture is really like until you start your role. We think this series may help you when deciding whether Object is a good career fit for you or whether you [...]

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4 Innovative Ways To Improve Your Agile Team Culture

4 Innovative Ways To Improve Your Agile Team Culture What makes a team a true Agile team and how does this affect productivity and the success of an organisation?  An Agile team culture in organisations can provide a huge benefit not only to the business but to staff and teams through the use of [...]

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Technology and Workplace Diversity

Technology and Diversity The world and our workplace today have become highly diverse. International research has proven that a diverse workforce combining employees from different backgrounds and experiences drives significant tangible and intangible benefits to businesses. Clear links are shown that when workplaces are truly diverse and inclusive, it results in greater creativity, higher [...]

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