Health Records Management

Easy Integration

Deep integration with EMRs and portal-like systems. Additional information from other clinical systems in the patient record means a more complete patient record.

Manage Workflows

Intelligent workflow to enable the management and triage of work tasks such as e-referrals and coding. Integration with secure messaging modes.


Highly configurable to enable clinicians to personalise preferences. Filters, bookmarks, patient lists, and virtual sections all enable easier and faster access to patient information.

About InfoMedix

The InfoMedix team consists of a mixture of software developers and people from the health sector. This mixture is key to the success of InfoMedix in Australia. Our developers work with health professionals to ensure that the technology we produce is fit for purpose in a health setting. Fundamentally this means that the technology needs to be fast, easy to use and secure. Our health professionals test the software before it is released to the market.  This test is conducted as if the health professionals are working in a clinical setting. The InfoMedix technology is Health Grade because of who we are. To learn more about Infomedix visit:

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