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Project Description


Financial Synergy engaged Object Consulting to define the requirements for and subsequently build a Superannuation education product using the Liferay CMS. The product, known as Pathwayze, is offered to Financial Synergy’s own client base, most of whom are Superannuation funds and financial services organisations within Australia.


Financial Synergy were looking to create a tool that provides comprehensive material detailing why fund members should invest in Superannuation and the different ways they can. The product integrates with external calculation engines that help demonstrate, through simulation, how to achieve specific goals.


Object Consulting identified that only customising Liferay with the ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality could not fully satisfy the requirements.  As a result, Object developed Pathwayze, which is a portal instance extraction, incorporating public and private site with page structures, layouts, content, permissions as well as any extensions of Liferay that were required.  The white label theme development acted as a base for new themes to be created, in line with the branding of Financial Synergy’s clients.

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