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Project Description


Maia Technology is unique, with both farming and technology in its DNA. The team is comprised of both agricultural and IT professionals, and understands the ever-increasing role technology can play in supporting farmers to make better decisions. The core aim of the business is simple – to help farmers get the best results they can, to in turn build a strong, sustainable, profitable agricultural future.


Object Consulting worked with Maia Grazing to develop an application and platform on Microsoft Azure to create a grazing management tool. Skilled developers in the agricultural space utilised Microsoft’s platform and resourcing to develop a tool to address the challenges Danthonia was experiencing. The powerful tool integrated complex data streams using algorithms to present grazing information in a simplified and with clear dashboards helping Danthonia and farmers to make better decisions with their farming operations and eliminated a need for manual spreadsheets and complex mathematics.


The grazing tool has not only helped the Danthonia give back to the community but also serves to help the farming industry achieve peace of mind and reduce the risk of hard times with the changing climate. Maia Grazing tool has now scaled and has been adopted by farmers globally to ensure the decisions they make for their farms efficiently utilises their land, track and forecast rainfall for them to effectively and efficiently run their business. With new changes, and ways to adapt with the changing climate and agricultural requirements MaiaGrazing tool empowers farmers to make the best decisions to support their business.

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