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Project Description


Microsoft’s Australian headquarters in Sydney hosts regular briefings with executives from various industries. Microsoft wanted a new technology showcase that could tell a compelling story about how their products work together and deliver clear business value. Our priority was to find a way of linking multiple Microsoft technologies and demonstrating how they could support a complete customer lifecycle.


A retail demonstration of Microsoft Technologies in Microsoft’s North Ryde Executive Briefing

The Object Consulting team explored and refined a concept centred on a “companion” or “second screen” experience. This takes the form of a mobile phone or tablet application that supports and complements the consumption of media through a larger device (a television for example). The team created a companion app for the cooking program Masterchef that allowed people to see recipes and purchase the kitchen items used in the show. The companion app communicated with an Xbox and could also be used to control and explore the video content.

  • Cloud
  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Mobile Application
  • Proof of Concept
  • Responsive Website
  • Second Screen


The customer-facing part of the showcase was supported by a sophisticated system for managing content and tracking customer behaviour. A Sitecore CMS supplied both the video content to the Xbox and the supplementary content to the companion tablet and mobile app. Customer data from the companion app was stored in a Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management system.

This project received Sitecore’s rising star award. 

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