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Project Description


SuperFooty Live HQ enhances a football fan’s viewing experience by enabling them to engage with live statistical information during an AFL game. One such feature of the site is the FieldView, a digital animation showing every ball movement plus real-time SuperCoach scores and live game analysis from Herald Sun journalists.


Real-time supercoach scores on second-screens for every play in an AFL match.

SuperFooty Live HQ can be accessed via a web browser on a fan’s device of choice: a smartphone, tablet, desktop or TV. It aggregates data from multiple live sources including Champion Data and SuperCoach and delivers rich media content, including video, images and data visualisations in real time. The application was built on the Microsoft .NET platform and runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure.


Our team was co-located in a dedicated project room at HWT’s Melbourne office to strengthen communication and collaboration with HWT stakeholders. We were successful in introducing an iterative development process to HWT increasing their visibility and control of the project. Starting with a user interface design, development stories were produced based on user goals and prioritised to ensure those of the highest priority to HWT were delivered first. The team worked in two week sprints, showcasing working features to HWT stakeholders at the end of each sprint to demonstrate progress. The project was successfully completed on time and to budget within 12 months.

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