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Project Description


Since 2011, Object Consulting has been working with VCAA to deliver and support the VCAA Online Scoring System (VOSS). This system has replaced, over time, a paper-based process used for the assessment of exams with a secure web-based online application. The application enables multiple assessors to capture their marks for a student online. It allows discrepancies between assessor marks to be managed, and supports the resolution of any concerns with an assessor’s marks or a student’s paper. The application is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud to better support the thousands of assessors engaged by VCAA in November each year.


Object consultants worked with a diverse group of business and user stakeholders to trial a small number of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) assessments. It was recognised early that user adoption would be critical to the success of the project and Object spent a substantial amount of time working with these stakeholders on the user experience supported by the application.


The application was extended to support the assessment of recorded performance-based assessments, like music, and to improve usability. At this time approximately 100,000 markings were being undertaken via VOSS, 10% of the total markings undertaken by Victorian assessors. By November 2014, over 500,000 markings were completed for 90 VCE subjects, 37% of all VCE markings undertaken.

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