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Project Description


Xpreshon is a brand new Action Sports Entertainment service built right here in Australia. From daily breaking news, live events, in-depth athlete profiles and the best Action Sports movies on demand, Xpreshon offers daily updates for all Action Sports lifestyle and culture. Xpreshon have chosen available exclusively on the Windows 8 and Xbox Live platforms .Jason Webb, Expreshon founder, contacted Object with a vision – he wanted to engage people like himself, action sport enthusiasts. He wanted to provide them with one place where they could access all of the action sport entertainment they could possibly want. He envisaged providing an aggregate of news and athlete profiles, photographs and videos into a single experience, delivered straight to his fellow enthusiasts’ televisions.


To bring this vision to market, while obtaining the rights to content, Webb turned to Object to help with a development path. We started with a Windows 8 app and a media-streaming and customer-management platform hosted on the Microsoft cloud platform, Azure. Then, using the Windows 8 app as a baseline experience, we were then able to quickly develop the Xbox 360 application.Creating a unique experience for enthusiasts to access action sport entertainment on Xbox and Windows 8 devices.


Object developed the user interface design, assets and graphics on the Microsoft Azure platform. Importantly, Windows 8 and Xbox use the same media player framework, which means that the videos that play in Windows 8 automatically play in Xbox.  It uses the part of the application that handles things like membership and subscriptions and payments. The streaming of the video on demand content is also driven by Azure Media Services. All of the video content is stored on Azure for streaming from the Azure platform. In the future, Xpreshon aims to expand across onto another Windows platform.

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