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Software Development

We’ve been delivering software development solutions for nearly 30 years. Today, we continue to build great people and high performing teams, working on your site or out of our offices, that deliver outcomes for our customers. Our focus is software development and application development using today’s key technologies and applying them to solve your problems. According to Gartner, by 2020, organisations are expected to heavily rely on data and analytics to make business decisions. Therefore, it is crucial to stay at the forefront of digital transformation. Object’s 100% local, experienced developers provide the skills you need to deliver your outcomes.


Our 60+, local, experienced Java developers have built core systems for government departments and agencies, content management solutions for telecommunications companies, customer portals for banking and financial institutions and AgTech solutions. We stay on top of trends in the Java space, moving to serverless solutions, simplifying development and deployment using Docker containers, and applying DevOps practices to deliver reliable, tested, secure digital solutions. We specialise in software development solutions to meet your digital transformation objectives.

.NET and .NET Core

Microsoft software development is rapidly changing, and our local, certified developers know how to deliver in both Azure and AWS. We’ve delivered APIs for the management of cattle transfers Australia wide, core systems for government agencies and departments, highly interactive experiences for Australian Rules fans, and innovative experiences for Xbox users.

Front-end Software Development

Customer experience is a key driver for successful businesses and products. Delivering interactive front-ends that delight users require teams that can apply technology that is rapidly changing. We’ve moved with the trends, keeping up to date with the latest in front-end technology. We can deliver amazing experiences on web, mobile, chatbots and voice UIs to provide great services for your users.

We’ve moved with the trends, keeping up to date with the latest in front-end technology in HTML, CSS/SASS and JavaScript.

Cloud or On-premise

We deploy solutions to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud (link to partners pages). Whether you want a partner to build a cloud-native solution, use containerisation, a microservices architecture, or modernise your applications, we’ve got people who know how to deliver.

Technology for your business

We’ve worked in many domains, applying technology to solve a wide range of problems for a wide range of clients. We’ve built IoT apps in the energy and agriculture space, data marketplaces for large banks, customer portals and calculators for superannuation and financial services, websites and applications for telecommunication companies and delivered core digital services for government departments and agencies.

Whether you’re a large enterprise needing to deliver a digital transformation project, build a core business service, supplement a project team, a government agency needing to deliver a key service digitally, or a start-up needing to get your product to market, we’ve worked across it all.

Process Driven

We’re a process driven organisation with a focus on software development. We know that successful projects require leadership, good governance, and close collaboration. Whether you’re running Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Lean, Agile or a more traditional software development lifecycle, we know how to lead and deliver.

Case Studies

Births Registration System New South Wales

Object partnered with the New South Wales Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM) to create a new online birth registration platform. The existing paper-based system was currently processing 380 birth registrations

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Danthonia Farm Grazing Management

Maia Technology is unique, with both farming and technology in its DNA. The team is comprised of both agricultural and IT professionals, and understands the ever-increasing role technology can play in supporting farmers

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“We have experienced an improved turnaround time for Birth Registrations by 67%, we have reduced overhead costs and have achieved a successful launch of the new online system. Object has been instrumental in this process by building the online platform that met our requirements which enables us to provide a better service to New South Wales parents.”

Ben Finn, Service Delivery Reform Manager, NSW Government

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